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Non Structural System

Emanco Construction are expert installers of all types of non-structural steel framing with any level of complexity.  We are fast, efficient, safe and competitively priced.

We provide:

-Cat ladders & platform for shafts
-Staircase railing & balcony handrail
-Fencing gates & safety handrails
-Steel doors, fire cabinets & related works
-Safety guard for parking areas and roof cover

Best and acceptable framing practices, innovative steel framing products, and better tools are creating an environment which facilitates producing a quality project while still maintaining high production rates.

Non-load bearing or non-structural metal studs and framing are not designed or intended to carry any axial loads. Axial loads would include such elements as floor joists, ceiling joists, roof rafters, or roof trusses. They are, however, designed to carry the dead load of many typical wall finishes such as gypsum board, plaster work, or similar finishes, and to provide resistance to normal transverse loads. 

Light gauge metal framing used for interior wall partitions comes in various shapes, thicknesses, sizes, and finishes. Each of these components has a specific function in the wall assembly. Selecting the correct size and thickness will depend primarily on the spacing of the framing members and the height of the wall.  Other considerations in the selection process include the makeup of the wall finishes, whether the wall finishes will be applied to one or both sides, and impact resistance requirements.



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